Monday, January 6, 2014

7 Reasons for Teen Titans

7 Reasons why you want to have teen leaders like the“Teen Titans” involved in your EDGE or elementary school youth ministry

7) You need to be a teen to be a titan – so to speak!  Don’t underestimate the giftedness of your teens in how they can mentor!
6) Humility – The Teen titans were all understudies of great heroes!  Rarely did they catch the spotlight, but they were faithful in serving, learning, and willing to learn from their mistakes. (If they are the understudy of a hero, think about the pressure that should put on you as a youth minister)

5) Variance of gifts – all the titans had an array of gifts.  Some were more obvious (ie speed, telepathy) others just took hard work and practice. In the end it was the variety of gifts that made them strong as a team.  How varied is the talent of your high school teens?  Where may you be lacking in needed teen leadership?
4) Demonstration of outward growth – over time, Teen Titans learned a thing or two about how beliefs need to translate into outward action.  Consider Robin and Aqualad who began the original “short shorts” fashion.  With seasoning and maturity they knew it was time to change - literally

3) Working as a team – Even though each member of the Titans was a hero in their own right, they each recognized the importance in working together to achieve a greater good with results that surpassed what they could have accomplished individually.  When we thank our teens for their help, do we occasionally, direct their attention to the fact that they are valuable in what they bring to the entire team?

2) The mission super cedes self – Each of the original Teen Titans knew at some point it was their time to step down.  New members were brought in, shown “the ropes” and made to feel like part of the team.  Others saw in their heart that they weren’t in the right place and needed to step away from the team.  Sometimes that led to them taking their gifts elsewhere, while others found their way back again.  Do your veteran teens help the ministry be accessible and approachable for new teen leaders? Are they willing to let go of roles? Do they need discernment time away from the Ministry to assess where they are being called to serve?
1) All are called to become FULL heroes (saints) – Each of the Teen Titans went on to become full heroes in their own right.  They never abandoned their gifts, but found new ways to utilize them after their “incubation” period in the “teen group” was done.  Robin to Nightwing, Kid Flash to Flash, Speedy to Red Arrow – the people remained the same, but their identities and abilities matured.  Do we challenge our EDGE “TEEN TITANS” to continue to find their place outside the tween ministry?  Are they being prepared to meet the challenge of being Holy Heroes of the Catholic faith as they venture into adulthood?
Note: All character images presented belong to DC Comics