Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A New Logo

Some of you may know that we here at the OCY have been trying to remake ourselves into being unabashedly parish focused, serving the parishes of the Archdiocese of Toronto.  We restructured based on the recommendations of the parish priests and have two focuses (or foci, if you want to be technical, technically speaking), being Youth Ministry and Young Adult Ministry.  The former focuses (not foci) on tweens (ages 11-13) and teens (14-17), and the latter on young adults (18-??).  The reason for the question marks is that we haven't yet set in stone the upper limit of a "young adult".  World Youth Day suggests the age of 35.  Some go a bit higher, to 39.  Others move in the other direction, to 29.  Once you hit your 30's, they say, you're no longer young. 

Keeping 'OCY'
In the spirit of this restructuring and refocus, we have proposed a new logo.  We toyed with the idea of changing the name of the office first.  Ideas that were floated included highlighting our newly added Young Adult focus, and adding other words that would change the current acronym.  Words like: Evangelization, Ministry, and so on.

After deliberating if the office should change its name to demonstrate the change, it was determined that the term 'youth' is generally understood to be an umbrella term, which can be further divided into two primary divisions of 'youth' and 'young adult'.  (Plus it saves money!)  So, 'OCY' stayed.

The shape that cuts through all the letters is the cross.  This is the cross of Jesus Christ.  He shapes and marks each of the letters.  The Office (represented by the 'O') has a cut in it from the cross.  We are shaped by it.  We strive to be rooted in prayer (we pray as an office every day, for the people we serve and their intentions) and to entrust all our ministry to the Lord.

Catholic Youth (represented by the 'C' and 'Y') are framed by the cross as well.  It is clear that the ray originating from the cross is the light of Christ.  He is the One that forms the youth, heals them, gives them grace as a light for their path.  Indeed, Christ is this for all Catholics.  The cross of Christ must be at the heart of our entire ministry.

The 'O' and the 'Y' have a cut through it that the 'C' does not.  It resembles the top of a parish church.  Its meaning is that the Office is shaped, not only by Christ, but also by the parish needs.  The primary mission of the OCY must always return to the service of pastors and parishes.  The sloping roof of the parish shapes the 'Y' of Youth as well.  Here we see that it is not enough to say that I am a follower of Jesus.  The best formation I receive is in the Christian community: the parish.


We have chosen the colour blue for the colour of our logo in honour of our Blessed Mother, Mary.  She is the example for all people to humbly submit to the will of God.  Her 'yes' to God's will brings salvation to the world.  Likewise, our obedience to God's will allows us to participate in God's plan of salvation.